Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A gaffe for the gluten-free gang to avoid

Never eat whitefish salad in a kosher restaurant.

I love the stuff, but it's both high-fat and salty, and must be eaten on some type of cracker or bread.  The problem is that, in a kosher restaurant, one is not allowed to eat or drink anything that isn't purchased in the restaurant, lest one accidentally bring non-kosher food or drink into the restaurant.  So there's no taking one's stash of rice crackers out of one's backpack.  :(  Just thought you'd want to be forewarned.


Blogger MiMedinat HaYam said...

Ask the waitress for a rice cracker. You'd be surprised, they might have. Or they will next time.

Tue Apr 02, 08:34:00 PM 2019  

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